English Version This New Year will bring some interesting Tales of Mine.. Wounds of the past are still roaming behind, My friend will be flourished with greetings and  blessings.. You will find me busy with my  wounds counting. Urdu Version Yeh Saal bhi kisse Kai dega, Pichla Saal bhi ghuzra  tha Kai zakhmon ke saath…….

Patience- Sometimes an unnecessary drugs

We pretend to be blind… We pretend to be deaf. We don’t follow Hadith… We don’t feel Ashamed. Then to protect our dignity we give it a name – Patience

Sad Poetry – Revolution

We are a part of a game, We don’t realize…. Wrong people rule, Right people cry… Some people win, Most of us loose…. This is part of a System, Need to be fixed …… A Broken century, In need of a leader, Invoked and Revolutionary. —- Syed Danish   Click here Into the Water

No Destiny Without Destination

The concept of destiny, fate or luck is real or not I don’t know. But i have strong believe in work with objective. Life is like a journey and you have to set a target(an aim) and several milestones(goals) to create your own destiny. “Fate is the outcome of efforts, good or bad depends on your…

Food for thought

What achievement means to me Date: February 12, 2018Author: Feelings and Freedom7   We struggle night and day To keep our miseries at bay Fraught in the race to success We always feel distressed       Why are we so insensitive to self? Why can’t we applaud ourselves? Why we always have to compare? Why we…