About Me

This is   my first blog    and I want to introduce myself so that my readers who came here to read my opinion can also know me.

IMG_20161115_212227 Bio:

I am an automation engineer by profession and a part-time blogger now.

 I hold M.tech (Electrical Engineer) as my highest degree of qualification. I am 32 and love  to Wright. I am also wrighting an inspirational Novel.

My favorite Book is  The Alchemist

and favourite Author is poul coelho and J.K.Rowling. During my two and half years of job I got the opportunity to visit several cities of  KSA  which gives me a lots of exploration and opportunity to interact with  different peoples all over the world and specially of Philippines, Arabian, Turkish and French.

I was born and bought up in Gaya (Bodh Gaya ) and have shifted to Patna for my study. I am witty and joyful by nature and want to see everybody happy around me.I used to be a person who believe that net has the solutions of every problem but gradually I came to know that most of the problems have the solutions with the personal use and reviews of the customer which can become more and more accurate with the increase in the number of participation and sharing the views of users and finally decided to start blogging to share my views.

I will appreciate your feedback as comments, as comments are the ways of  exchanging views.